🪙$HASH Token

The $HASH token is the cornerstone of the HashMind ecosystem, functioning as a utility and governance token. It incentivizes participation, facilitates operations, and enables decision-making within the HashMind network.

$HASH Contract Address: 0xA849cd6239906F23b63BA34441b73a5C6EbA8A00

Key Features of $HASH

  1. Governance: $HASH holders have voting rights in the HashMind decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), allowing them to influence the project's direction and decisions.

  2. Tokenomics:

    • Supply Cap: 1,000,000 $HASH

    • Distribution - Liquidity Pool: 95% - CEX Listing/ Reserve: 5% (Locked in Unicrypt/ Vesting gradually in a year)

  3. Trading Tax: For the $HASH token, you've proposed a 5% trading tax on both buying and selling transactions. Unlike transfers between wallets, which are free of charge, these transactions incur a tax that is distributed as follows:

    • 2% is allocated to the treasury, which supports the ongoing development and maintenance of the HashMind infrastructure.

    • 2% is dedicated to marketing efforts, helping to grow and promote the platform.

    • 1% goes towards the team of developers, compensating for the work in building and improving the HashMind ecosystem.

  4. Revenue Sharing: A part of HashMind's revenue is distributed to $HASH stakeholders, providing a continuous real-yield income stream.

  5. Deflationary Mechanisms: Read here

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