🖥️VMs Access

Staking for Cloud Computing/VM Service Access

Purpose and Mechanism

HashMind offers a tailored staking option for users who want to access our Cloud Computing/VM Service. To use a VM, users must stake a specific amount of $HASH tokens, calculated based on the VM’s specifications and intended use.

Service Fee and Token Utilization

  • Service Fee on Staked Amount: For accessing VM services, 10% of the staked $HASH amount is charged as a service fee. This fee is essential for the upkeep and enhancement of our VM services. In addition to staking $HASH for VM access, there is a monthly subscription fee, payable in $HASH. This fee ensures ongoing service and support for the utilized VMs.

  • Deflationary Mechanism and Treasury Support: From these service fee and monthly subscription fee, 50% of the $HASH tokens are burnt to support a deflationary mechanism, while the remaining 50% is directed to the project treasury, aiding in the continual development of HashMind.

Non-Payment Policy and VM Access

  • 72-Hour Grace Period: Users have a 72-hour grace period to pay the monthly subscription fee. Failure to pay within this timeframe will result in the VM being reclaimed by HashMind, and access to the VM will be revoked.

Direct Utility

Staking for VM service access directly correlates with the utility offered by our cloud infrastructure, enabling users to leverage our robust computing resources for diverse projects and applications. This staking mechanism ensures accessibility to our services while simultaneously contributing to the economic stability and growth of the HashMind ecosystem.

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