Treasury Management in HashMind: Sustaining Growth and Innovation

Role and Importance of the Treasury

The Treasury in HashMind is a crucial component of our ecosystem, serving as the financial backbone that supports the sustainable growth and continuous innovation of our platform. It is meticulously managed to ensure long-term stability and to finance the strategic objectives of HashMind.

Sources of Treasury Revenue

  • Service Fees from VM Access: A portion of the Treasury's revenue comes from the service fees associated with VM access in HashMind. As noted, 10% of the staked amount for VM access is allocated as a service fee, with 50% of this fee in $HASH being contributed to the Treasury.

  • Monthly Subscription Fees for VM Service: The monthly subscription fees for VM services, charged in $HASH, also contribute to the Treasury. Similar to the service fee structure, 50% of these subscription fees are directed to the Treasury.

  • PON/POM Revenue: A substantial 40% of the total revenue generated from our Protocol-Owned Nodes/Miners (PON/POM) is allocated to the project treasury. This significant contribution is vital for the long-term sustainability and growth of HashMind, supporting various strategic initiatives.

Utilization of Treasury Funds

The funds accumulated in the Treasury are strategically used to reinforce and expand the HashMind ecosystem:

  • Operational and Development Expenses: A significant portion of the Treasury is dedicated to covering operational costs, technological enhancements, and maintaining our infrastructure. This ensures the smooth and efficient operation of HashMind's services.

  • Research and Innovation: Investing in research and development is pivotal for staying at the forefront of blockchain technology. The Treasury funds are used to explore and develop new technologies and enhance existing services.

  • Reinvestment in Infrastructure: A crucial aspect of our Treasury’s utilization is the reinvestment in our infrastructure. This includes setting up additional nodes and purchasing new miners to expand our Protocol-Owned Nodes/Miners (PON/POM) network. This expansion not only increases our operational capacity but also enhances the potential revenue generation for the ecosystem.

  • Community and Governance Initiatives: A part of the Treasury funds is allocated to initiatives that focus on community engagement and governance. These initiatives help in building a strong and active community around HashMind.

  • Strategic Acquisitions and Partnerships: The Treasury also facilitates strategic acquisitions and partnerships that align with HashMind's long-term vision and objectives, further bolstering our position in the blockchain industry.

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