⛏️PON/POM Pools

Staking for Real-Yield from PON/POM Pools

Revenue-Driven Staking

HashMind offers a unique opportunity for users to directly engage with and benefit from our Protocol-Owned Nodes/Miners (PON/POM). By staking $HASH tokens, users become eligible to receive a share of the Real-Yield generated by each specific PON/POM pool.

Distinct and Separate PON/POM Pools

  • Individual Pool Staking: Each PON/POM pool operates independently. For instance, staking in the Bittensor PON pool qualifies a user for rewards specifically from that pool, paid in wTAO, reflecting the nature of the Bittensor network.

  • Pool-Specific Rewards: Rewards are specific to each pool’s operational. To earn rewards from another pool, such as the Kaspa POM pool, users must stake $HASH tokens directly into that specific pool.

Phased Implementation and Expansion

  • Initial Focus on Bittensor (TAO) Node: Initially, HashMind's primary focus is on setting up and operating the Bittensor (TAO) node. This serves as our foundational PON, establishing our presence and operational efficacy in the blockchain ecosystem.

  • Future Expansion Plans: Following the successful implementation of the Bittensor node, HashMind plans to expand its PON/POM infrastructure to include nodes/miners in other high-potential networks like Kaspa, Conflux, Xai Network, and Eigenlayer. This phased expansion strategy is designed to progressively enhance our PON/POM portfolio, diversifying our revenue streams and Real-Yield offerings.

Minimum Staking Requirement

To participate in the Real-Yield rewards from a specific PON/POM pool, users are required to meet a minimum staking threshold with $HASH tokens. This requirement is carefully determined to ensure an equitable distribution of rewards and aligns stakeholder contributions with the potential revenue of each pool.

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