⛏️Protocol-Owned Nodes/Miners (PON/POM)

Protocol-Owned Nodes/Miners (PON/POM): A Sustainable Revenue Engine for HashMind

HashMind introduces an innovative and sustainable revenue model through Protocol-Owned Nodes/Miners (PON/POM). This strategic approach leverages the most profitable and sustainable blockchain networks, ensuring a consistent and reliable income stream for the HashMind ecosystem.

Strategic Deployment Across High-Value Networks

  • Focus on Well-Known and Profitable Networks: Our initial deployment targets the most lucrative and sustainable blockchain networks. We begin with Bittensor (TAO), followed by Kaspa, Conflux, Xai Network, EigenLayer, and others, aligning our operations with networks that offer the highest potential for steady revenue.

  • Phased Implementation: The deployment of our nodes/miners is phased, ensuring meticulous setup and optimization at each stage. Starting with Bittensor allows us to establish a strong foundation before expanding to other networks like Kaspa and subsequently others.

Revenue Allocation: Balancing Growth, Reward, and Development

The revenue generated from our PON/POM is meticulously allocated to ensure balanced growth, stakeholder reward, and continuous development of the HashMind platform.

  • Real-Yield for $HASH Stakers (50%): Half of the revenue is dedicated to providing real-yield rewards to our $HASH token stakers. This not only incentivizes token holding but also strengthens the overall tokenomics by offering tangible returns to our community.

  • Project Treasury (40%): A substantial 40% of the revenue is channeled into the project treasury. This fund is crucial for the long-term sustainability of HashMind, supporting operational expenses, further infrastructure development, and strategic investments.

  • Developer Compensation (10%): Recognizing the critical role of the development team, 10% of the revenue is allocated for the compensation. This ensures continued innovation and dedication from our talented developers, keeping HashMind at the forefront of blockchain technology.

Future Expansion and Diversification

HashMind's PON/POM strategy is designed for scalability and adaptability. As the blockchain landscape evolves, we plan to:

  • Expand to New Networks: Continuously evaluate and expand to new, profitable blockchain networks, diversifying our revenue sources and minimizing risks.

  • Optimize Operations: Regularly assess and optimize our nodes/miners for maximum efficiency and profitability, adapting to the changing dynamics of the blockchain networks.

Commitment to Sustainable and Ethical Operations

HashMind is committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner. Our selection of blockchain networks and operational practices will always consider the sustainability and ethical implications, aligning with our vision of a greener, more sustainable blockchain future.

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